Divorce & Mental Health - Divorce Coaching Podcast - Ep3

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Welcome to Ep3 of the DCP "Mental Health & Physical Wellbeing". We recorded this waaay back at the end of 2020 before we even knew what we were doing and have only just got round to getting it posted...
This weeks subject is a HUGELY important topic regardless of whether you're going through a divorce / separation, but of course Fay & I are talking about how your mental health and physical wellbeing are are both soooo important but also impacted during this specific challenging life situation.
As ever, we share very personal and detailed experiences of our own (from me having panic attacks and collapsing on the sales floor of my City office!). As well as drawing on a professional expertise with insights, thought provoking statements, even questions and tips to takeaway.
With the impact of the global pandemic, if one positive thing has come out of it, it's that societies and the worlds view and opinion of mental health is coming out of the shadows and finally becoming a mainstream topic of discussion.
If you are concerned for yours or a loved ones mental health and indeed physical wellbeing, please do seek further support and if you are struggling to know where to turn, reach out to Fay & I, we will very happily sign post you in the best direction 👍🙏🏻
As always, we love to hear from our viewers, your thoughts, comments, questions or indeed topics you would like us to discuss? Even our first trolls have helped us with new ideas and subjects so all input is welcome.
Thanks all
Tom & Fay

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