Divorce Coach (Fay & Tom) Introduce the Divorce Coaching Podcast - Ep1

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Fay & Tom's first ever recording of the Divorce Coaching Podcast (insert scared and eek emoji's!). Recorded in Nov 2020... Before I purchased a decent mic!
Episode 1 is simply an introduction to us both, a little about our stories (you'll get to hear more and more about both our journeys over time I'm sure).
Hope you enjoy this very raw, very simple and very honest clip.
We look forward to sharing more of our video's with you very soon.
As ever, if you're struggling or just need a sounding board to assist you in your divorce or separation? Need help deciphering the What? When? How? Where? and your Why? etc, please do get in touch with us.
Both Fay & I offer FREE consultation calls for a new client to establish if Coaching is right for them and indeed if either of us are the right Coach to assist you.
Book here: https://calendly.com/mrdivorcecoach/d...
If you have a topic or issues you would like us to discuss on the channel, please do comment or get in touch. 100% confidentiality assured of course.
Fay & Tom

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