Business of Product

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You have a vision for your company. You had one when it started and you have one for where it needs to go next. And yet often you’re left awake at night wondering, “How do we stay top of mind? “How do we stay relevant.” “How do we turn ideas into reality?” Business of Product is a show for the CEO, the Founder, the high-growth leader looking for the hockey stick effect. Our conversations cut through the product jargon of tech stacks and product features to help you do one thing: take your company to the next level. In this original show from Innovatemap, join leaders from across the globe as they share their journey to today while looking at the road for tomorrow. And while we promise to highlight the trends you need to pay attention to, we’ll also go back to the basics. Reminding you of your why, you’ll leave motivated, inspired, and connected to your vision no matter what the future holds.

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