A Compassionate Conversation, with Gabriel Menegale Wilson

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In this episode Vince Fakhoury Horn is joined by Gabriel Menegale Wison, one of the authors of the recently released book, “Compassionate Conversations: How to Speak and Listen from the Heart.” In this dialogue, we explore Gabriel’s background as an Integral Zen practitioner & Facilitator, looking specifically at how he brings the art of conversation into difficult areas of relationship. Our conversation centers particularly around how to have difficult conversations related to racial identity.

Memorable Quotes

“I want to engage in the exploration of more radical identities that can cohere us cooperatively so that we can forge worlds together.” - Gabriel Wilson

“I think there is a lot of beauty to the creative frictions between our different identities and I think if you want to work with them, they will literally produce more dynamic identities that can include those differences.” - Gabriel Wilson

Episode Links

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