Evolving Dharma, with Tasshin Fogleman & Vince Fakhoury Horn

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In this episode of the Buddhist Geeks Podcast Vince Horn is interviewed by Tasshin Foggleman. The episode originally appeared on Tasshin's Reach Truth Podcast, and is now airing here on Buddhist Geeks.

During the interview Tasshin asks Vince to share about the evolution of the Buddhist Geeks organization, including an in-depth exploration of Transparent Generosity, Holacracy, & Open Source Dharma–three of the elements of the Buddhist Geeks organization that make it particularly unique. This conversation is framed in terms of the evolution of dharma, looking at how dharma evolves not just through updates to the language of its teachings and practices, but also through the very structure in which those things are packaged.

Episode Links:

👤 Tasshin Foggleman

👤 Vince Fakhoury Horn

📺 Reach Truth Podcast

🔗 Tasshin @ Twitter

🔗 Vince @ Twitter

🔗 Transparent Generosity

🔗 Holacracy

🎙 Liberating the Soul of Organization

🎙 Organizational Enlightenment

🔗 Open Source Dharma

📖 Education in a Time Between Worlds, by Zak Stein

📖 Integral Spirituality, by Ken Wilber

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