BGP 046- Daniel From Dating Medellin - How To Meet And Attract Women While Traveling

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Our guest today is Daniel from Dating Medellin. Daniel moved to Medellin, Colombia a few years ago, and he quickly realized the dating landscape was A LOT different than the USA. Instead of pouting and slamming his head against the wall, he dove in, learned what worked, and figured out how to have a fulfilling dating life in Colombia - and he gives you his roadmap in Dating Medellin. Today, we’ll talk about how to meet and attract women while traveling outside of your country, and really anywhere outside of your hometown. This episode is brought to you by Nattr. Nattr is a free iPhone app that helps you perfect your text game, get more dates, and better responses from women. Not sure what to respond to a girl? Can't think of a good first message on Tinder? All you have to do is screenshot the conversation, post it to the Nattr app, and a team of expert writers, comedians, and dating coaches, including us, will respond within minutes. So grab your iPhone, download Nattr for free, and never be tongue-tied on a text again. Listen to this episode and learn: -Why Daniel was miserable in his "successful" corporate job - and how he pulled himself out -Stories from our experiences of meeting women while traveling -The first thing you need to realize when traveling to a new city or country -Dating pitfalls you can fall into while traveling -The importance of having patience -The 2 biggest differences to look for when meeting women while traveling -Daniel's logical system for dating while travelling For the full show notes, go to

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