High, Noon for Friday November 26th 2021

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In today's episode:

The "nu" very scary variant might be the very scariest yet!

Nature publishes a report about the emergence of a brand new very scary variant and the same fearmongers and idiots begin to run the same playbook all over again, hoping that something will distract people from how poorly the Great Reset is going

Anthony Fauci doesn't know anything, but it's possible that the scariest possibilities could be real, but he doesn't know, but it's possible

Travel restrictions against South Africa, Botswana, etc... are being implemented as the result of a handful of 'cases' occurring in the vaccinated, but don't worry, these restrictions are not racist because the communists like these ones

Very serious Twitter expert Eric Feigl-Ding freaks out with emojis to indicated the weight of his information

The very scary variant is thought to maybe, possibly, be so very scary that the vaccines will be 40% less effective, which is amazing, considering they also very likely created the variant due to their almost complete ineffectiveness

Pfizer and Moderna say they could make brand new vaccines in less than 100 days, if necessary, and they will be safe and effective, regardless of whether or not they are

Great investigative work on the COMIRNATY product label by Michelle Edwards at UncoverDC.

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