High, Noon for Monday November 29th 2021

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In today's episode:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announces he is stepping down

Dorsey testified that Twitter could not affect the outcome of elections, but it's hard to find anything outside of actual election interference and fraud that affected 2020 more than Twitter censoring the stories about Hunter Biden's laptop

Miranda Devine recaps the Twitter censorship of the 'laptop from hell' and details one instance of obvious corruption on behalf of the fake president and his son

The new Twitter CEO taking Dorsey's place may be even more deranged in his wokeness and even less likely to support actual freedom of speech

In the midst of a week of huge stories (Maxwell, Smollett, the Very Scary Variant, etc...), the government hitting another spending limit on Friday may be the one that gets pushed aside, and we need to make sure that doesn't happen

Democrats begin to realize that no one believes anything they say

Nazi Doctor Anthony Fauci goes on Face the Nation to announce once again that he IS The Science and that criticizing him is an attack on all knowledge

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