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Finding God’s Wisdom for Health and Healing ****TOP 3% HEALTH + FAITH PODCAST**** Are you struggling with health issues such as chronic fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety or depression? Do you wish you could do ”all the things” but find yourself constantly canceling commitments due to your health? Do you want to know which direction to take with your health? In this podcast, you will learn empowering principles and simple, practical solutions that can provide vibrant health to your heart, soul, mind, and body. My mission is to encourage you to seek God’s wisdom first for your health and your life so that you can experience true, lasting healing that will allow you to make a greater eternal impact in your home and community. So, if you’re ready to step into the freedom that God has already given to you, then this podcast is for you. Hi, I’m Alexandra. I love Jesus. I’m a wife and mom of three children. I am also a driven Registered Nurse with years of experience in the clinical research industry. When I experienced nagging health symptoms of my own, God opened my eyes to his loving provision and powerful tools for health—principles that are rarely talked about in my line of work. When I finally decided to stop my mind-numbing striving towards the picture that I had in my head of ”the next best thing”, I started to see God’s biblical truths at work all around me. I learned that Jesus is the source of healing for every aspect of my life. Are you ready to discover some powerful, sustainable, non-toxic principles for your health (like real foods, essential oils, and other holistic treatments)? Are you willing to let your creator empower you with his wisdom so that you can experience more energy, joy, peace, and overall healing for your heart, soul, mind, and body? If so, then this is the show for you! So go ahead and brew some herbal tea. Let’s take a break from the mind-numbing, humdrum “busyness.” Let’s rest and let God be our Healer and Helper. Podcast-> www.herholistichealing.com/podcast Learn-> www.herholistichealing.com Connect-> hello@herholistichealing.com Community-> www.facebook.com/groups/herholistichealing Free Guide (4 Steps to Know Which Direction to Take with Your Health So That You Can Finally Feel Better)-> www.herholistichealing.com/freebie

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