S2021 Ep41: 041 – Engaging with the Bible

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The Bible is part and parcel of congregational life, whether on Sundays or through the week, but this episode of the PCI Podcast explores how we are doing when it comes to Bible engagement. We live in a time where access to the Bible has never been higher and yet readership is in decline. Add to that the disrupted rhythms of the past 18 months.

So, in this conversation, Valerie Murphy (Precept Ministries) and Richard McChesney (Whiteabbey Presbyterian) discuss with Rick Hill (PCI) how we can grow and develop in our engagement with the Bible. As well as discussing problems and principles, they both share about specific Bible projects they are involved in.

You can find out more about the work of Precept Ministries at preceptireland.org or by emailing valerie@preceptireland.organd you can discover more about the Immerse Bible Project at immersebible.com or by emailing richard.mcchesney@premier.org.uk

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