S2021: ‘Lapsed’ by Ferna – a song commissioned for, and performed at, PCI’s special centenary event, 'On these steps'.

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Guests at the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s (PCI) centenary event ‘On These Steps’, which took place on 17 September 2021, were treated to the premier of a specially commissioned song by the Belfast-based indie singer-songwriter, Ferna. The livestreamed event from PCI’s Union Theological College in south Belfast, marked the part played by the College in hosting the Parliament of Northern Ireland 100 years ago, and also marked the centenary of the creation of Northern Ireland along with the partition of Ireland.
Speaking about the commission, Ferna said, “When Steve [Stockman] asked me I was surprised and very apprehensive about it because I felt the song could go wrong in so many ways! I mean, how do you reflect upon something as complex and troubled as 100 years of Northern Ireland in a helpful, thoughtful way?

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