Premiere: Vlad Jet - Glowing [My Choice Recordings]

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Underground Tel-Aviv Stands For Quality Music Only! Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on FaceBook: Vlad Jet (Disco Halal / Sincopat / RADIANT.) born in Ukraine, has his own very unique sound, with brilliant emotions and soul for the finest connoisseurs of club sounds on the electronic scene. This release is a dedication of his feelings and hope about the war that changed his life forever. Tracklist: 1. Vlad Jet - Glowing 2. Vlad Jet - Rising After Darkness Release Date: October 14th, 2022 Label: My Choice Recordings Pre-Order: Follow Vlad Jet: Like Vlad Jet: Follow Vlad Jet On Instagram: Follow My Choice Recordings: Like My Choice Recordings: Follow My Choice Recordings On Instagram:

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