#132 Ramblings: Ass Blaster

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Hey guys, brand new Ramblings episode with Chris & Wendy! 🎉 In this episode we banter about our trip to Alaska, how we both got sick and one of us missed being a judge at the Drink & Debate in Boise, and how Chris absolutely LOVES replacing sprinklers! 🤣 This is an old school fun one, like we used to do regularly. We miss talking directly to you and plan on making a Ramblings come back. We also have decided to release our podcasts every Monday morning, rain or shine 🤣 . We recently realized that we were letting LIFE get in the way of our schedule and we’ve recommitted and promise to not let you down, so please expect a new podcast from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios the first of every week, early enough for your drive time commute if you’re in the states. 😊 Thank you to all of our listeners and YouTube subscribers! And if you haven’t yet subscribed, please do us a solid and push that dang SUBSCRIBE button! ❤


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