#121 Ramblings: Get Toasted Stay Toasted!

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Hey guys! Brand new Ramblings episode from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios! 🎉 Chris and Wendy finally take a moment to sit down and discuss all that’s been happening in their lives. It’s been a minute! They discuss their new Boise studio, seeing Dave Attell, Mark Normand and Ari Shaffir on a trip to Utah, they debate whether Chris can have another shelf in the garage 🤣 and the great time they’ve had meeting and podcasting with amazing comedians from around the world. They may even discuss how their new dishwasher is still sitting in the living room 😳 and how Wendy dyed her whole head neon pink after a particularly crappy bleach job. It’s a fun one! So much fun that we’re now committed once again to dropping Ramblings twice a month. 🔥 If you’re enjoying our podcasts, please share, tell your friends and push that pesky subscribe or follow button. It helps our podcast a lot and we’re grateful. ❤️

⭐️Coming soon from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios: "Locked Up with Rebel Rae", a new series about abuse, addiction, incarceration and redemption that's not to be missed! Please subscribe on your favorite audio platform so that you can binge the whole series!⭐️

❤️Also, 2 new episodes of LOVE YOU, MOM. AN ALZHEIMER'S STORY. Will be dropping soon! If you haven't listened to the first 10 episodes, go back and do that now so that you'll be all up to date and ready for the rest of the story! Thank you; we are grateful and appreciate each and every one of you. ❤️

⭐️ Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios is open for new clients! If you're looking for a place to record your podcast, need editing help or help promoting your creative endeavor or business, please reach out, we can assist! ⭐️

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Website: https://toastedmarshmallowadventures.com/

Email: gettoasted@toastedmarshmallowadventures.com

LOVE YOU, MOM, AN ALZHEIMER'S STORY: https://open.spotify.com/show/6Dv4QEMxTXhc3JJEuKnaYU?si=_-pJMWsgQk2Si89RIO2csg&dl_branch=1#tylerboeh#acapella#beatboxing#toastedmarshmallowadventures#podcast#drybarspecial#drybarcomic#portlandoregon#siriusxm#prime#wendymosher#chrisadams#gettoastedstaytoasted#nampaidaho#cleancomedianstand up comedy

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