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Brand new episode from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studio! 🎉 Comedian Tanya Cope (TACO) came to the Nampa Studio and what a great time! This was a fun one and LONG! We talked about how at one point in Tanya’s 30’s she had 310 pounds on her 5 foot 2” frame, how her Grandma was touring with the Women’s League baseball team during the war, and the Heckler Incident. Hallucinogens as therapy came up as well as Joe Rogan, flesh lights and how “it’s the fault of luxury masterbation” that we’re in this current social climate. She discussed going to a strip club with Casey Rocket and how her nickname/persona is and is not her. This is a really fun one folks! We are releasing this in 2 parts on YouTube, but you can listen to the FULL audio episode right here, right now! 🔥 Thank you so much for following, sharing, liking and commenting. Please go follow Tanya Cope on all social media and check out her stand up! ❤️

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