#164 "The Curse of Tut" scripts: Rondeau and Buono improve on Dennis and Barret

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Lorenzo Semple, Jr. having made his changes to Robert C. Dennis and Earl Barret's first King Tut script, next it was the turn of director Charles R. Rondeau and master ad-libber Victor Buono. How much of the story that made it to the screen was determined by them? This time, we discuss two different versions of the Curse of Tut script, and how much changed after the "final" version.

Also, a Bat Research Lab on Dennis and Barret, your comments about all three versions of the scripts (and on our recent Joker episode), and the Batman theme played on a church organ by Marko Hakanpää!

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"Intermediate" draft, "The Curse of Tut"

"The Curse of Tut" final script

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