Stress Factor Podcast 284 - DJ R1 - May 2022 Drum and Bass Studio Mix

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Hello and welcome to episode 284 of The Stress Factor Podcast. This epsiode features our newest addition to the Stress Factor Crew, DJ R1, with a 31 track 66 minute drum and bass studio mix for May of 2022. This set is deep and dark and techy, so enjoy and we look forward to more sets from DJ R1. Tunes and remixes from and on labels Lupo, Dunk, Profound Beats, Hugh Hardie, Hospital Records, Level 2, V Recordings, Jubei, Carbon Music, Stokka, Flexout Audio, Jam Thieves, Gorilla Warfare, Kalane, The Juicebox, Theoretical, Onyx Recordings, Frame, Qua Rush, Impact Music, Nymfo, Sofa Sound, L0G1N, Impact Music, Sustance, Klinical, Critical Music, Submotive, Vektah, Noisia, Skeptical, Vision Recordings, Phase, Metalheadz, C Critz, DLT9, Creatures, Krakota, Submotive, Metalheadz, Dub Elements, DEM Recordings, Wreckless, Melinki, D'cypher, Innerground Records, Alibi, Phenix, Total Science, Break, Triii Audio, Medusa, DIS:TURBED, The Mob Recordings, Quartz, Rupture LDN, Ezor, Ekou Recordings, LOPHT, Chronic, J Kenzo, Trace, Artikal Music UK, Cybin, Lockdown Recordings, GEST, and Shogun Audio. Tracklist 01. Lupo - Something Like Dis(Dunk Remix) [Profound Beats] 02. Hugh Hardie - Kodiak [Hospital Records] 03. Level 2 - Bite the Bone [V Recordings] 04. Jubei - Send Out [Carbon Music] 05. Stokka - Havoc [Flexout Audio] 06. Jam Thieves - That's the Game [Gorilla Warfare] 07. Kalane - Corners [The Juicebox] 08. Theoretical - Murky Waters [Onyx Recordings] 09. Frame, Qua Rush - Pressure Cooker [Impact Music] 10. Nymfo - Crush [Sofa Sound] 11. L0G1N - Nuan [Impact Music] 12. Sustance, Klinical - Skip Tracer [Critical Music] 13. Submotive, Vektah - Groove Control [Sofa Sound] 14. Noisia - Diplodocus(Skeptical Remix)[Vision Recordings] 15. Phase - Somethings Missing [Metalheadz] 16. C Critz - Process [DLT9] 17. Creatures - Audio Poetry [Flexout Audio] 18. Krakota, Submotive - Tell Me [Metalheadz] 19. Phase - Stress Out [Metalheadz] 20. Dub Elements - Hit That Loud [DEM Recordings] 21. Wreckless - Don't Want to Forget How Your Voice Sounds [Flexout Audio] 22. Melinki, D'cypher - Down Down Down [Innerground Records] 23. Alibi, Phenix - Emporer [Flexout Audio] 24. Total Science, Break - Aardvark [Triii Audio] 25. Medusa, DISTURBED - Ghost Train(Creatures Remix) [The Mob Recordings] 26. Quartz - One Ghetto [Rupture LDN] 27. Ezor - Breathe It [Ekou Recordings] 28. LOPHT - Loose Ends [Chronic] 29. JKenzo - Token Image (Trace Remix) [Artikal Music UK] 30. Cybin - Take Caution [Lockdown Recordings] 31. GEST - Reverence [Shogun Audio]

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