Trump Impeached Again, Parler Banned, Harden Traded with special guest K-Dub

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In this Episode Mr. Styles and Prez are joined by special Co-host K-Dub .

Ear to the Street

1. Trump impeachment on

2. Trump banned from all social media

3. Parlor Banned on all platforms

4. 10 capital police being investigated for capital riot

5. Joe Biden‘s inauguration next Wednesday has special performances from Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez

6. Rapper YFN Lucci wanted for murder in shooting

7. Funk flex says Drake better then Jay-z

8. Snoop and em squash beef

9.Michael B. Jordan dating

Weed News

• Colorado hits $2B for 2020 marijuana sales – with December still to count

• Amsterdam considering banning tourists from cannabis coffeeshops

• Mexico is moving to legalize cannabis in 2021. What does that mean for the US?

• Jay-Z’s drops Monogram cannabis $50 pre roll

Top 7 strains for winter

1. Ice cream cake

2. Kush mints

3. GMO cookies

4. Falcon 9

5. Lava cake

6. Mandrein sun

7. Gusher

Flavor of the Week

Devils Lemons

5 blunts of Kush (Streaming Services)

Amazon prime video

HBO max

Disney plus

Fire stick




Real Sports

• NFL playoffs

• Bill Billichek turns down Donald trump medal of freedom

• Harden traded to nets

• Victor o traded to Houston

• Drake paid 500 fine for Steve Kerr

• Lamar Odim cleberity boxing deal

• Stephen smith thinks kyrie should retire

Question of the Day

Is Censorship going to far ?

Real top 10 ( top 10 sitcoms)

Plus Faded and X-rated ,Oval office , and F-U Friday’s

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