The Richard Syrett Show - Sep 13, 2022 - Cop Killed in Mississauga, Action Needed on Kamloops Retraction, & CPC Smashing Trudeau in Polls

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Today on the Richard Syrett Show: Toronto Sun columnist, Joe Warmington talks about the cop who was shot and killed in Mississauga. Federal director at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Franco Terrazzano discusses the CTF slamming Liberals for failing on affordability. Then Ruth Gaskovski, The Home School Advisor.
Independent writer, James Pew says we need some action on a Kamloops retraction. Wyatt Claypool, senior correspondent for The National Telegraph brings up Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative party smashing Trudeau in the polls. Then Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy shares his thoughts on Vancouver getting electrical fire trucks & some of the drawbacks that come with it.

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