Ditch the Excuses and Take Your Restaurant Business to the Next Level

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Are you allowing excuses to stall your restaurant’s growth? While excuses get in the way of a lot of our personal growth, they bleed into your business growth as well. If you’re always looking for a reason something can’t be done, you’re not going to find a solution. The first step is to recognize this could be the root of your frustration and stagnation. In this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I will explain the common excuses I hear restaurant owners make and the damage they’re doing to their business. I will also give you some examples of restaurant owners who came to me, full of excuses, and walk you down the path they took to get out of their own way. I share what happened to me when I let excuses get in the way of my personal pursuits and what to look for in your own life to determine if you’re letting excuses rule you. And, of course, I’ll cover what you can do about it.

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