The Radioplay Hour - Candy Matson and the Cable Car Murder

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When a man riding next to Candy Matson on a cable car is silently shot and killed, Candy does not know him from Adam and is considered a suspect! The only thing for her to do is to investigate herself! A progressive wisecracking private investigator operating in a male dominated world, Candy Matson was the brainchild of writer, director, and producer Monte Masters.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the second episode of The Radioplay Hour where we will be re-enacting Candy Matson and the Cable Car Murder, with our special guests Auras like Auroras. In this episode you will hear Giles Pendlebury interview our guest, before they lend their vocals to our production, and debut their song, “Blue like the Blue Sky”. They will also perform a cover of “Stop dragging my heart around” originally written by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks
Recorded at Motetstudios.
Piano improv by Baily Seymour Smith
Musical pieces by Kevin McLeod (please view program by clicking link below in regards to links to Kevin's work)

Please click link below to read the program to view vocal talents, and additional information in regards to the show.

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