West Park Park Bench Podcast ep.08 - #EdFringe2022 (02)

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Welcome to Episode Eight of the West Park Park Bench podcast. Recorded from West Park in Long Eaton and today the park is absolutely buzzing. The waterpark is full of kids and families. The bandstand is surrounded, every piece of shade that has been created by trees has got a family picnic underneath it. It's amazing. And of course it's week one of the Edinburgh Fringe.

This is episode 8 - EdFringe 02 This podcast is recorded using Otter which generates a transcript. Its not perfect but if you'd like it to help process the audio here is the link


Elise Harris - What is it now?

LIVE 11am 11th August 2022 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTr4vCvjP1c

"Featuring Caron-Jane Lyon, who runs Equity's Online Branch and Jem Rowlston in the studio, talking her show Happiness Anonymous on PBH's Virtual Free Fringe. Jem also helped make PBH's Virtual Fringe what it is today!"



PHB FreeFringe


Helen Raw - WarWidowsGreatBritain

Report of the ‘War Widows InTouch Programme’ Service Families - February 2022


‘War Widows InTouch Programme’

The project was awarded funding under the ‘Removing Barriers to Family Life‘ programme and aimed to connect war widow/ers nationally and locally. Experiences of loneliness and social isolation through widowhood are complex, therefore the project’s main focus was to build an online community for this sector of the Armed Forces Community. An iPad was given, followed by training to ensure that those people could get online and connect to others.

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