Armando Iannucci, Anna Soubry and Paul Mason on how to disagree | Westminster Reimagined

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The legendary writer, satirist and broadcaster Armando Iannucci joins the New Statesman Podcast to co-host four special episodes. In these shows, Iannucci explores areas of British politics that he believes are broken, and is joined by guests from inside and outside Westminster to discuss how politics could be better.

In episode four, Iannucci and Ailbhe Rea examine consensus: Why do we find it so hard to disagree with each other without hating each other?

Iannucci and Rea are joined by special guests Paul Mason, the campaigning journalist, and Anna Soubry, a former Conservative MP who co-founded the centrist breakaway party Change-UK. They talk about whether there could ever be a pact between the centre and the left, and if it really is much harder to get along in politics these days.

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