303. iGen: Narcissism and Neuroticism | Dr. Jean Twenge

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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Jean Twenge discuss the often volatile and unhealthy world of internet anonymity, trolling, trait neuroticism, and the effect of technology on our less independent, more narcissistic young adults- now referred to as the “Igen,'' or “Internet Generation.

Dr. Jean Twenge is an American psychologist, researcher, and author, first honing her attention on the topics of neuroticism and narcissism in youth, and more recently generational differences. Dr. Twenge is a professor of Psychology at San Diego State University, as well as a public speaker and consultant. She has authored more than 180 scientific publications, as well as numerous books, her most recent being iGen in 2017. She is set to release a new book, Generations, in 2023.



For Jean Twenge

Dr. Twenges Website http://www.jeantwenge.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/jean_twenge

iGen (Book) https://www.amazon.com/iGen-Super-Connected-Rebellious-Happy-Adulthood/dp/1501151983

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— Chapters —

(0:00) Coming Up

(1:20) Intro

(3:29) The prolongation of childhood

(7:49) The loss of independence

(12:56) The social distance of social media

(19:29) Narcissism and contempt

(23:30) Trait neuroticism

(26:14) Personality characteristics of internet trolls

(30:34) Markers of uniqueness, gender dysphoria

(32:30) The power of online communities

(36:02) Rates of psychopathy

(39:52) iGen and insecurity

(44:29) Faith is falling, meaning is harder to find

(48:33) Trading self-reliance for “emotional safety”

(54:46) Modern parenting values happiness over growth

(56:53) Identity has become all encompassing, and entirely disposable

(1:02:08) Self esteem, a proxy for neuroticism

(1:04:37) Disunity of apprehension: news, politics, facts

(1:07:40) What is to be done?


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