294. Eugenics: Flawed Thinking Behind Pushed Science

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Alex Story and Dr. Jordan B. Peterson discuss biology and overpopulation, the misguided thinking behind eugenics, and the tendency of politics to weaponize our totalitarian impulses.

Alex Story was an Olympic class rower for Great Britain, and attended the University of Cambridge. There he set the rowing course record against Oxford in the 1998 Boat Race, a record held for multiple decades. After suffering a career-ending back injury, Story turned his attention to politics, and quickly became a notable voice in the Conservative party. He stood for parliamentary office three times, representing some of the poorest areas in the country. Today he works in the finance sector as head of sales for a US brokerage firm. He has also become a writer, seeing his articles published weekly in magazines such as the National Inquirer and Express.


Books Discussed in this episode:

Fabianism and the Empire: A Manifesto by the Fabian Society


The Descent of Man


The Essential Keynes


For Alex Story:

Alex Story on Twitter https://twitter.com/alexpstory


(0:00) Coming Up

(1:05) Intro

(3:36) Fatherhood, Manning Up

(10:05) Rowing, In Pursuit of Glory

(17:05) Privilege and Marxism

(22:51) The Motivation of Power

(28:00) Love Elevates

(39:32) The Issue with the Dominance Hierarchy

(47:36) Stability and Transformation

(54:06) Predators and Protesters

(55:43) Eugenics and the Imposition of Power

(1:15:22) The Connection with Marxism

(1:19:49) Orwell, Socialist Overpopulation

(1:28:54) The Four Pillars of England's Educational Framework


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