Colin Cowherd Podcast Prime Cuts - Joe Burrow on Joe Shiesty, Cooper Rush Momentum with Matt Mosley , Week 4 Best Bets

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This is Prime Cuts! The best of The Colin Cowherd Podcast. First, Colin reacts to the controversy surrounding Tua’s scary TNF injury and explains why no one should be outraged over Bills OC Ken Dorsey’s coaching box implosions during Buffalo’s last second loss. (3:00)

Then, Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow on his first ever appearance after a win to discuss the weight lifted with their Week 3 win over the Jets, his experience competing against Tua, why he can relate to Justin Herbert playing hurt, the origin of some of his many nicknames, and why he lost his temper in the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs.

Then, Longtime Cowboys columnist - and host of The Doomsday Podcast - Matt Mosley on if there’s a brewing Dak/Cooper Rush QB controversy after Cowboys huge road win over the Giants in NYC.

Finally, the Action Network's Chad Millman tells Colin if his NFL Week 4 picks are "sharp" or "square" for Commanders/Cowboys, Patriots/Packers, Cardinals/Panthers, Titans/Colts, Rams/Niners, Seahawks/Lions, and Broncos/Raiders.

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