The FPL Experiment

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The FPL Experiment returns for a new season of The Official Fantasy Premier League. Three friends - Adam, Greg and Nick, attempting to manage one successful Fantasy Premier League team between them. There will be top guests, gameweek reviews, statistical analysis and updates on Nick's eating habits! The FPL Experiment is a weekly podcast put together by fans, for fans of FPL 21/22. Each week the team take a look at the best player options in each position for the next round of Premier League games, consider differential picks, talk about transfers for the FPL Experiment Team and debate captaincy selections. They also chat with great FPL guests (The FPL General, The FPL Family, Mark Sutherns to name a few) and wider football community, for a different take on the game. If you have an interest in FPL or the The Premier League more generally, tune in weekly for a lighthearted yet insightful take on Fantasy Football. #fpl #FantasyFootball #FantasyPremierLeague #fantasyPL #officialFPL #fplpod Join The FPL Experiment mini league with code: 3xntkp @FPLExperiment

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