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Recorded June 15th 2020. Alllright this is a quick rundown on where I get some of the content for these videos, along with a massive list of resources from podcasts, to newsletters, content creators, and online webinars.

Be sure to share this video with anyone in the foodservice distribution or restaurant industry who would get value from this info, and head over to Twitter to connect with me about your restaurant, sales, distribution, supply chain, restaurant profitability, marketing ideas, or anything else related to getting food on your customer's plate!

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Resources and Links mentioned in the pod:


Podcasts: (all links go to Spotify page)

  1. QSR Fast Forward:
  2. Restaurant Unstoppable:
  3. Restaurant Misfits:
  4. The Restaurant Coach:
  5. Secret Sauce:
  6. SPM Smart Pizza Marketing: si=cwEav1ZMS5ey9rTgoW8_sw
  7. CAFE Talks:
  8. Extra Serving:

Events: The Food Institute / DMA Webinar (June 25th, 2020)


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