How Your Restaurant Can Thrive During The COVID-19 Crisis FDP07

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I want to be very clear, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a serious, and deadly global pandemic. I am not recommending that any restaurant, business, or individual stay open, or continue to service customers if they are uncomfortable interacting other people who have potentially been exposed to the virus. If you are planning to remain open to service your community through this crisis, this episode explores several way to leverage your presence and impact on your customer's lives and well-being. Our communities need positive, creative leaders now more than ever. From take-out, to delivery, over-communication on social media and other creative solutions, the seeds for increased market share, and planted during times of widespread crisis. Follow us everywhere communities meet online @FoodservicePod Mentions from show: All thoughts and opinions belong to David, and should not be interpreted as those of his employer, customers, or sponsors.

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