COVID-19: The Great Accelerator FDP19

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Every segment of the global economy has been impacted to some degree, good or bad, by the coronavirus pandemic. Why is that? Because everything is so incredibly interconnected these days. There is a concept I would like to explore here about the coronavirus speeding up certain industries and trends that were already coming down the pike. Trends that should have appeared in 10 to 20 years are starting to take shape in our real economy. From indefinite work-from-home policies, to take-out/delivery-only restaurants, the year 2035 might come sooner than expected... about 10 years sooner. Try to keep an open mind as we explore some industry-changing trends on today's episode of The Foodservice Distribution Podcast.

In today's episode, I referenced QSR Magazine's Fast Forward Podcast from May 21, 2020. Sam Oches interviews Portillo’s CEO - Michael Osanloo about how Portillo's is navigating the coronavirus pandemic. It was a great listen and I highly encourage anyone who found this episode useful to check out Sam's podcast here:

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