The Flip Side #85 - Former Head @ Google, Criteo Managing Director Colin Barnard Shares How To Grow Multi Billion Dollar Businesses

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Colin Barnard is a former Head at Google and is currently the Managing Director at Criteo. Colin has 16+ years of experience as a digital marketing leader. He’s skilled in Digital Strategy, Sales, E-commerce, CRM, and digital advertising.

In this episode, Colin shares how to increase retail growth, find the best business model, how you can survive another recession, and ultimately how to grow multi-million dollar businesses!

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00:00 Intro

00:20 Meet Colin Barnard

03:00 Managing Director Role

04:20 The Australian Market

08:00 How To Increase Retail Growth

14:40 The LinkedIn Emergence

19:10 LinkedIn Viral Post

21:45 Arbitraging

25:00 The Criteo Advantage

27:20 The Business of Google

28:30 YouTube Business Model

31:30 The Value Of Users

32:40 Freemium/Premium Subscription Models

37:20 Choosing The Best Business Model

38:20 Pretotyping Strategy

41:00 The Tesla Business Model

45:00 Switching Business Models

49:15 The Referral Mechanism

50:10 Duolingo Business Model

52:40 Referral Affiliate Space

55:45 Testing Phase

57:30 How To Survive A Recession

01:02:00 Google’s Mistake

01:03:30 What Happens In A Recession

01:06:00 Why Criteo Is The Best

01:07:15 The Car Industry

01:10:15 Government Subsidies

01:12:40 Grants & Funding

01:13:05 Biggest Learning

01:15:50 The Most Successful People

01:17:20 The Advantage Of Taking Risks

01:19:15 The Downside Of Focus

01:22:00 Compartmentalising

01:24:50 Doing Something At 50%

01:26:15 Working At Google

01:30:40 Looking For The Next Opportunity

01:32:15 Reinvesting On Employees

01:36:00 Hiring Smart People

01:38:00 Outsourcing Employees

01:39:50 Team Diversity

01:43:30 Hiring Generalists

01:45:20 Trick Interview Questions

01:52:20 Google’s Hiring Process

01:55:20 Tips For Startups

01:57:00 Proctor & Gamble Innovations

01:59:45 The Best Business Partner

02:01:40 Men vs Women In Business

02:05:00 Gender Bias At Work

02:07:30 Business Strategist Role

02:13:20 Get In Touch With Colin

02:14:40 Nothing But Praise

02:16:00 Outro

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