A fighting Family! Joe & Lauren "Lucky" Murphy (#3 UFC women's flyweight) 2021

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In this episode of the Fight Chase Muay Thai & MMA Podcast ...I met Joe many years ago at the beginning of his career when he came to visit us at Wand Fight Team in Las Vegas. He was wearing a singlet in NOGI class..... Fast forward to NoGi world, I had just lost my match and I was standing kinda down on the defeat, and Joe and Lauren walked up and Joe tells me how he thinks the match was BS and the guy was just a point fighter. That always stuck in my head that so many years later he would still remember me and take the time to give support. Now with the rise of the Women's divisions in the UFC Lauren takes front and center and id FNing demanding you take notice of her and her all-out fighting style! Lauren is currently in the #3 ranking in the women's flyweight division and She along with her supporters are calling for that title shot! This was a great talk and I know fans of combat sports and fans of good people will enjoy and be inspired by the Murphys! Enjoy FC!

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