Mining in China vs the West - Ethan Vera

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Welcome back to the Feedback Loop, Sino's podcast. In this episode, we cover one of the most underrated, but fascinating topics in the crypto space, mining. The mining industry is relatively isolated, meaning that outsiders do not have the proper insights into what is exactly happening in the mining landscape. We are here today with Ethan Vera, where we cover various topics to understand the latest developments in mining and what the repercussions are of China's latest statements to take measures against bitcoin mining in China. During the podcast, we tackle the following topics:

- Mining in China vs the West
- Why mining is so popular in China
- What financial instruments miners use
- Consequences for miners after China's latest statements
- Where Chinese are migrating to and the tradeoffs
- Miner extractable value (MEV) from a miner's PoV
- Luxor Technologies and their USPs
- The future trend of mining

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