AOA 048: Family Values and Money Conversations - With Guest Robin Taub

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How can parents incorporate family values into the money conversations they're having with their kids?

Robin Taub offers several strategies during her second appearance on The Art of Allowance Podcast. A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) by training, Robin began her career at KPMG, transitioned into real estate and then landed in the complex world of derivatives marketing at Citibank Canada. Today, she’s an author and a professional speaker. Robin lives in Toronto, where she and her husband have raised two (mostly) money-smart twenty-somethings. She is an avid cyclist, snowboarder, music lover and concert goer. I'm excited to welcome her back for a conversation about her new book, The Wisest Investment: Teaching Your Kids to Be Responsible, Independent and Money-Smart for Life.

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