AOA 046: Empowering Kids Financially by "Saving to Invest" - With Guest Gayle Reaume

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What can we as parents do to empower our kids with money?

Gayle Reaume offers several strategies, including encouraging entrepreneurship, promoting a "saving to invest" mentality and shifting financial decision-making power. A mom herself, Gayle founded Moolah U fifteen years ago to give kids a practiced understanding of financial responsibility. Moolah U has now served thousands of Austin, Texas families through after-school clubs, summer entrepreneur camps and now a family financial app. Says Gayle, “I’m inspired by how technology can help people at scale, and I’m using that to empower every child to enter the 'real world' with a practiced understanding of financial literacy." In 2019, Gayle was awarded the Austin U40 Mentor of the Year Award. She also has been featured multiple times in the national media, including in The Wall Street Journal and on NBC Nightly News and

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