GOALS - BMS (Body, Mind & Soul)

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The 5 ways to use your BMS to make all your goals come true. 1. Write them down 2. Be Realistic 3. Break them down 4. Set a Time Frame 5. Reward yourself. How to make all this happen in you current Business Anatomy to make your buisness run Faster, Stronger and more Profitable for many years to come. B - BODY: The physical parts of your anatomy that will gert you where you need to be in your business. Arms,Legs, Heart, lungs, foot, eye, ETC M - MIND: This is the emotional side of you anatomy. Must have this to drive business from feelings S - SOUL: This the customer perception of how you are seen in the market. Good,Bad and Ugly. How are you perceived in the market --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/DoctorV/support

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