Episode 77: The Power of Bots in the Computer Science Classroom

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Kelly and Sean interview Tom Lauwers, founder and CEO of BirdBrain Technologies about the role of robotics in the computer science classroom. We've used the Finch 2.0 robot, which is designed to use the BBC micro:bit as a foundation for coding and computer science. Whether you're in a traditional classroom, teaching after school, or just trying to get people excited about the POWER OF CODING, robots can play a vital role in learning.

About BirdBrain Technologies:

BirdBrain Technologies’ mission is to inspire deep and joyful learning in all students through creative robotics.

Founded at the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University in 2010, BirdBrain is a research-based company that promotes gender equality and diversity in computer science, engineering, and robotics.

A large part of our mission is to assist educators interested in bringing computer science and engineering design into any classroom. We work collaboratively to support teachers with free standards-aligned curriculum and professional development. Our products have been used by thousands of teachers around the world to bring creative design and robotics fun into the classroom!

Special Guest: Tom Lauwers.

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