What's So Great About '68?

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Greg and Bella welcome back Drama teacher Mr Yale with a lesson about the year 1968. '68 might seem to fall through the history books - dwarfed by other more dramatic years - but Mr Yale is here to make a case for it being a turning point year. Vietnam and the Space Race were in the news; Oliver! was on the cinema screens; and the Theatres Act 1968 lead to this year being known as the "Year Zero for British Theatre" with the first performance of Hair the Musical taking the West End by storm (starring none other than Elaine Paige!). Mr Yale will use these real events as a springboard to take Greg and Bella through some classic drama practicals - from who can best embody the voice of a significant object from '68 - to is Bella brave enough to let Greg catch her when she falls? Bad students of all ages are welcome. Expect brilliant teachers, captivating subjects but absolutely no homework. Get in touch - email us at teachme@bbc.co.uk

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