#TBR78 Double Trouble Beer Club

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In this episode, we welcome our first guest of the new format. Dave from #DoubleTrouble #Drinks #DoubleTroubleDrinks joins us to discuss their #Beer club #BeerClub. Their second beer, a #GoldenAle is just being posted out to punters as we speak. We loved their original beer - Gaz especially - and we look forward to trying the new one (We would have tonight if it wasn't for Royal Mail!!) As usual there's all the #AllMarket, #BelgianBeer and #CraftBeer goodness served out with a healthy dose of #BeerNews! The opening music is "London Bayou" by Oscar Albis Rodriguez and the closing music is "BDS" by Lewis Pickford. This episode is also available on YouTube https://youtu.be/cHG2EVBXhBk tallboyradio.com

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