SustainNOW Podcast - Learn from entrepreneurs & scientists about climate solutions

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This podcast interviews successful entrepreneurs and scientists about newest climate solutions in all sectors (food, agriculture, raw materials, fashion, etc.) to increase awareness to business owners, investors, and private persons. Also to stay positive, engaged and hopeful that this man made problem can be solved by us. Through SUSTAINNOW, listeners learn, get inspired, and get connected with the wider community, and together help build a better future. The podcast was founded in 2021 by Friederike von Waldenfels. She is a tech entrepreneur and climate enthusiast. Episodes are available wherever listeners find and listen to podcasts (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc).Our Vision: „To dig deeper in finding Climate solutions. “Our Mission: „Interviewing founders or experts in the sustainability field to find solutions (not only problems).

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