Super Bowl 57 Exotic Prop Bets (Ep. 1537)

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The guys (@GamblingPodcast) are getting you ready for the BIG GAME with their Super Bowl predictions. They give out all their favorite Super Bowl 57 exotic prop bets. They have you covered for National Anthem best bets, Gatorade Color and Super Bowl halftime bets.


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Podcast Timecodes

0:00 - Pre-Roll

1:08 - Intro

6:24 - WynnBet 100% Free Bet Promo -

8:21 - Coin Toss Prop Bet

12:27 - Coin Toss Winner and Winning Team Parlay Bet

14:50 - Total Beers Sold at Super Bowl 57 Prop Bet

18:13 - America the Beautiful Duration Prop Bet

20:39 - National Anthem Duration Prop Bet

22:50 - Chris Stapleton Hat Color Prop Bet

24:13 - Patrick Mahomes v. Jalen Hurts First Screen Time During Anthem Prop Bet

24:45 - Andy Reid v. Nick Sirianni First Screen Time During Anthem Prop Bet

25:47 - Eagles Punts Total Prop Bet

27:30 - First Offensive Play Run v. Pass Prop Bet

28:56 - The Octopus Prop Bet

31:37 - First Coach’s Challenge Result Prop Bet

32:36 - Opening Kickoff is a Touchback Prop Bet

35:03 - Highest Scoring Half Prop Bet

36:51 - Will a White Person Attempt a Pass Prop Bet

38:51 - Kick Will Hit Upright Prop Bet

40:23 - Number of Halftime Songs Prop Bet

40:47- Rihanna First Song Prop Bet

41:30 - Rihanna Last Song Prop Bet

41:47 - Rihanna Halftime Cleavage Prop Bet

43:06 - Rihanna Halftime Buttcheek Prop Bet

43:15 - Position of Gatorade Dumper Prop Bet

44:18 - Gatorade Color Prop Bet

46:50 - Offensive Lineman to Score Receiving Touchdown Prop Bet

48:55 - MVP Thanks Teammates First Prop Bet

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