Soul Essence - Show 248 - 26th October 2022

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Barbara Tucker, Paolo Madzone Zampetti - Express Yourself (Paolo Madzone Zampetti Rework 2018) Kerri Chandler - Let It [Basic Club] (Kerri's Full Vocal Mix) Lovestation - Teardrops (Banana Republic Vocal Mix) Lydia Harrell, Turbojazz, Sean McCabe - Heard It All Before (Turbojazz & Sean McCabe Remix) DJ Christian B, Groove Assassin - Till You Come Back (Groove Assassin Mix) - Sidney Youngblood - If Only I Could (FINAL DJS Remix) _Free Download_ Beat Rivals, Hannah Khemoh - The Fire Jordi Cabrera - You And Me (Original Mix) Alexander O'Neal - Fake (Soulboss Remix) Soulista, Tracy Hamlin - Backfired (2022 Vocal) David Morales, Elle Cato - Holding Me Touching Me (Extended Mix) Le Croque, Carla Prather, Moplen - Love Yourself (Moplen Disco 3000 Remix) Sam Redmore, Lumi HD, Kid Crème - Just Can't Wait (Kid Crème Remix) Souleance, Art Of Tones - GUILI (Art Of Tones Remix) Freeform Five, Carolyn Harding, The Shapeshifters - Strength (The Shapeshifters Club Remix) Phase II - Reachin' (Peverell Re-work) Jean Aubergine - Disco Numberwang (Jean's Extended Numberwang) Ralphi Rosario - Una Casa De Amour (Four on the Floor Club Mix) Mighty Mouse - The Get Down Eman, Doc Link, J Paul Getto - Feel It (The Remixes) (J Paul Getto Remix) Jesusdapnk - Friday

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