Developer Experience Infrastructure (DXI)

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In your company, who designs the end-to-end developer experience? From design to implementation, what is the developer experience that you actually ship? Even though the average developer wastes almost half of their working hours because of bad DX, many of us don’t even know what that means, or how to improve it.

Kenneth Auchenberg is working at Stripe, building economic infrastructure for the internet. Gerhard found his perspective on Developer Experience Infrastructure (DXI) refreshingly simple, as well as very useful.

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Show Notes:

Developer Experience is the new hot thing, and we now see many existing teams re-labeled as Dev Experience. What does DX really mean, and what is the relationship between developer relations, advocacy, DX, and product teams?
@auchenberg Twitter 🧵

Kenneth & Gerhard

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(00:00) - Welcome
(00:59) - Sponsor: FireHydrant
(02:28) - Intro
(05:52) - DXI companies
(07:35) - AWS and DXI
(12:58) - Why are DX and DXI important?
(16:46) - Components of DX
(21:18) - Being part of Stripe
(23:27) - Sponsor: Sentry
(24:06) - How Stripe shaped your thinking
(27:20) - What is infrastructure to you?
(31:51) - Infrastructure with Stripe
(35:11) - Swyx's blog post
(37:41) - What about Stripe's community?
(45:24) - DX tablestakes
(48:13) - From the DX journey
(51:03) - Experimenting in Stripe
(52:56) - Bringing forward the majority
(54:47) - Obstacles in DX
(1:01:37) - Wrap up
(1:04:18) - Outro

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