Success Leaves Clues: An Automotive Industry Podcast

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Success Leaves Clues. This common phrase highlights the simple fact that we don’t have to find success all on our own. In an industry internally known for individualism, this is a powerful but important shift to the view of finding success. Host Thomas Hays has been in the automotive industry for over 10 years. Through his experience and work, he’s heard and been a part of so many powerful stories. Stories of success, stories of failure. Funny stories, sad stories, and through them all, one thread is common… When we share our stories 2 things happen. 1. We realize we aren’t alone in our own struggles and 2. Stories reveal those clues that help us in our own journey to becoming more successful. When we choose to share like this, we not only empower ourselves, but we empower this great industry to become better together. So in this podcast, each week, you’ll hear incredible stories from those from all parts of our industry. Owners, Service Advisors, technicians, those who work for companies that serve our industry, investors, and more. This isn’t just another interview podcast. In this podcast, our guests will not only share their stories, but they will reveal the clues to their success through practical teaching and training provided on each episode.

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