Global Head of the Macquarie Group Foundation, Lisa George, on leading a corporate foundation, maximising employee engagement, matched-giving, impact-tracking software and Australian philanthropy

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This episode provides insight into a dynamic corporate foundation and sheds light on the growth of philanthropy in Australia.

Macquarie Group is a diversified financial srvices organisation with 18,000 employees; working in 33 markets around the world. Interestingly, the foundation was established at the same time and alongside the company itself.

Employee engagement is a key aspect of their philanthropic work. Their matched giving program is generous (matching each employee’s giving up to AUD $50,000 annually) and they also encourage engagement through volunteering, mentoring and sharing of expertise.

Last financial year, the foundation and its employees contributed AUD $44 million to community organisations. We explore their strategic grant-making program, which is focused on economic and social mobility, and which ranges from education and employment of young people in Australia, to higher education access and career attainment in the United States. Their philanthropic work feels different in different regions, and we also hear of their new impact investing work.

Lisa is also co-chair of Philanthropy Australia and she sheds light on the state of affairs and future outlook for philanthropy in that country.

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