Colin Cowherd Podcast - Joe Burrow on Tua Injury, Kid Cudi Relationship

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First, (3:00) Colin explains the most surprising thing about Tom Brady and Gisele’s reported divorce, and the only NFL job that would be worth Sean Payton un-retiring to take.

Then, Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow joins Colin to discuss how he spent his long weekend after a big TNF win over the Dolphins (14:00), how he picked his flower heavy pregame suit (15:00), his reaction to Tua Tagovailoa’s scary injury (17:00), his personal experience with concussions (17:00), what’s changed in the last two wins (20:00), what it’s like preparing for a division rival like the Ravens (24:00), how he’s maintaining a good relationship with Ja’Marr Chase despite a slow start to the year (26:00), why he decided to start his foundation to fight food insecurity (31:00), his unique relationship with Kid Cudi (36:00) and how his body feels through the first month of the season (38:00).

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