MGoPodcast 13.8: In Soviet Big Ten Quarterback Cyans You

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1 hour and 21`minutes

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1. Offense

starts at 1:00

Brian has joined the Cade Haters, does not get the support he was expecting from Seth, who still hates no-read zone reads and trying to be a split zone team with a QB it doesn’t fit. Downfield accuracy was more about decisions not to throw guys open. Pre-snap reads are good but post-snap decisions are not. Is a fair quarterback. The running backs are stars—Colson might be Brian’s favorite of those he’s watched. Haskins showed us 1890s football. Erick All blocked. Guards…okay, but Zinter is missed.

2. Defense

starts at 31:20

We start with the One Bad Thing because it’s the only score. Blamed that on Colson not funneling because they were replacing Ross with Hawkins, and on Moten eating a block for NO GOOD REASON. Good game from DJ Turner, who effectively passed Green? Screens breakdowns until they shadowed them Ross. DL rampant—no holds for Hutchinson though. What’s a guy gotta do?

3. Hot Takes, Special Teams, and Game Theory

starts at 46:04

They did block a punt, overwhelming the shield like the days of yore. Henning had one return, let one bounce to the two. Game theory: we wanted to go for it on the 4th and 2 because Northwestern isn’t having a two-minute drill from the 2 yard line so chances are you get a punt with 1:45 left and then get into field goal range again…if you don’t score a TD.

4. Around the Big Ten, wsg Jamie Mac

starts at 1:??:??

Winning QBs had no yards as the rushingest of the rushers won every game. The OT fest: Penn State got back their quarterback but he didn’t run downfield (turned down his one opportunity and took a sack). Really missed Mustipher since Illinois was plowing them with QB sneaks for 2 yards on every 3rd and 2 and 2nd and 2, and powering their way to big gains for both backs. Wisconsin has another vote for winner of a silly West. Minnesota-Maryland was standard Gopherball. Ohio State’s offense…let’s end it there shall we?


  • “Congratulations”—MGMT
  • “The Balcony”—The Fruit Bats
  • “Work this Hard”—Caveman
  • “Across 110th Street”

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