S3 - E10: Bridgerton - The Duke and I

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Smooth-talking Dukes, Plucky Young Women and Regency Romance - The Bridgerton books have it all. And now that Bridgerton is on Netflix, the S3 duo have come in characteristically late (twenty-one years if you count from when the book was published, but don't tell us that!!) to gush over its gripping language, larger-than-the-times characters, and THAT scene (you know the one). Make sure you stay on for the Outro; it's a doozy!

You can find more about Belinda Missen and her books here.

And you can find Terence MacManus and his books here.

Special thanks to Quincas Moreira for the creative commons intro/outro music, 'Sabor Moreno' (https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music?nv=1)

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