The SERGEANT & The Serial Killer

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It was the summer of 1974. The day couldn’t be more perfect for Mary-Ann Pryor and Lorraine Kelly to go out and have fun. The two best friends had planned to go together to the Garden State Plaza, a mall in Paramus, New Jersey.
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Since they couldn’t get a ride with Mary-Ann’s older sister, Nancy, they decided to catch a bus to the establishment, which was miles away from their home in North Bergen.
What their families didn’t know was that this day would be the last they would see the girls alive. Five days later, on August 14, 1974, the bodies of two teenagers were found dumped in a wooded area behind an apartment parking lot in Montvale, New Jersey. The victims were later identified by the police to be Pryor and Kelly. They were both lying facedown on the ground, side by side, like two abandoned rag dolls.

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