Professional Disc Golfer Ricky Wysocki

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Ricky Wysocki is the best Disc Golfer in the world. But not too long ago he was sleeping in his car and living off the dollar menu. We talk Disc Golf, the secrets to improving your game and pursuing your passion. Then, we countdown the Top 5 Funnest Things to Throw.
Ricky Wysocki: 01:55ish
Pointless: 24:25ish
Top 5: 37:42ish
Topics we discuss:
How Ricky Wysocki became the best Disc Golfer in the World
Ricky Wysocki’s exercise, practice and diet routines
How much does Ricky Wysocki Practice
The best tips for new disc golfers
The best tips for experienced disc golfer
How to throw a disc golf disc
How much do professional disc golfers make
What discs are in Ricky Wysocki’s bag

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